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Devin Software Engineering AI – Is my job at risk?

"We knew this was coming, just not this soon!" Someone just created a Cognitive Artificial Intelligence Machine that is capable of mimicking a real-life software Engineer, and the world is rightly going crazy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?embeds_referring_euri=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cognition-labs.com%2F&source_ve_path=MTM5MTE3LDI4NjYzLDEzOTExNywxNjQ5OSwyODY2NCwxNjQ1MDM&feature=emb_share&v=lwnkdngr7fU Is it perfect? No. Is it going to be? No, but definitely better than average humans.

MRPL HiQ Petrol Pump

MRPL Petrol Pump Dealership Advertisement 2023 | Kerala, Tamil Nadu & Karnataka

Mangalore Refinery and Petro Chemicals Ltd (MRPL) - a Government of India Enterprise and Subsidiary of ONGC Ltd, has invited prospective candidates to apply for dealerships across nearly 1500+ Locations in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Puducherry. Unlike previous years, MRPL has launched a dedicated website, MDSP, for accepting applications,

Galaxy F13 user review

Samsung Galaxy F13 – Real User Reviews

The Samsung Galaxy F13 is a budget smartphone that offers good value for money. Customers have praised the device's good performance and battery life. The build quality is also attractive and satisfactory. However, some customers have reported that the camera quality is not as good and that the phone is

by Sharook GPT
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slucid dreaming scary

The Inescapable Dream – Scary, Lucid & Recurring!

In the past 11 days two things changed for me First, I started watching 'Curb your enthusiasm' which, if you ask me, is an absolute masterpiece of a series. Larry David is a genius not because he created Seinfeld but for making the life of a bald, 50+-year-old rich man

Artic monkey t shirt redbubble
StartUp Ideas

Redbubble India: How to sell and make money on the platform

RedBubble is a print-on-demand website that makes and sells products based on user-submitted artwork. They have an extensive catalog of items and depending on your popularity, proceeds can be a small side income to a full-on living! About RedBubble India Redbubble is based out of Melbourne, Australia with offices in


ChatGPT FAQ: I asked the AI, and it answered

I've been meddling around ChatGPT for a week or so now, and the feeling is mixed. Not that it has not completely blown me away with its capabilities, but I've come to the conclusion that human intelligence might not be as valued from now on. I mean, this tool is


UI/UX: Vitality’s New Mobile App Designs

December 2022 saw many innovative UI / UX designs released, ranging from gaming apps to healthcare platforms. Today I will showcase impressive modern app UI / UX examples from user Vitaliy (@offdesignarea), which are a blend of intuitive design elements and enjoyable user experience. These examples demonstrate how UI /

anime game room setup

Gaming: HavokHarakiri Anime Gaming Rig

HavokHarakiri is a digital creator who builds amazing Anime and Japanese-themed Gaming Rigs, PC Setups & Game Rooms. He also creates crazy Mechanical Keyboards. Check him out. InstagramhavokharakiriJobPC Setups and Gaming room creatorThemeAnimeCyberpunk EdgerunnersInterstellar Wormhole by VisualdonOuttatime & Solar Cyberpunk City FlyingWind V5 and Wind v2Tatsumaki 4K Audio ReactiveLocationUSA