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Starting something new takes guts, understanding its complexities requires patience, creating a success out of it needs effort- a lot of it actually, and I have done it all!

I got my first internet connection in 2008, made my first blog in blogger in 2012, and started ‘Autopromag.com‘ in the same platform in October 2013. The very same year, I shifted all my websites to WordPress, hit my first million page views, and got my first Adsense paycheck (at the age of 19). This was where the internet of possibilities opened up!

Over the years I have developed many websites, ran successful social medial handles, and built well-known brands. However, there was still room to improve. A colleague in Bengaluru (India) inspired me to take management and till now, it is one of the best decisions I’ve made!

I did my MBA program from Schools of Management Studies, the University Of Hyderabad with dual-specialization in Marketing and Human Resource. Two years flew by and things started getting exciting towards the end of the term. With my digital marketing experience, I was immediately called up to be the performance marketing manger at a real estate firm in Hyderabad, then did an year handling entire online marketing operations for a leading tech firm in Cochin as their Digital Marketing Manager.

Now? Interesting, I am working as Assistant Executive for one of India’s leading Public Sector Undertakings (PSU) under Government of India – ONGC MRPL. I handle the retail division for the company across 4 districts in Kerala and 1 in Puducherry. My life took a completely different turn and I love every part of it.

On a lighter note, I absolutely love babies, animals, and baby animals! I am an INFP personality too if that means anything to you. Two of my great passions are gardening and traveling (11 states and counting), which admittedly don’t go well together. However, for me, it’s a way of leaving something home while I am spreading my wings!

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I like to study management practices of different companies and how they can be improved. This involves understanding both traditional and modern management approaches and finding a bespoke model that fits the company’s culture, goals, and values. Some of my favorite topics include marketing, strategic hr, business analytics, and social psychology. I would love one day to do a PHD in these subjects.