ChatGPT FAQ: I asked the AI, and it answered

I've been meddling around ChatGPT for a week or so now, and the feeling is mixed. Not that it has not completely blown me away with its capabilities, but I've come to the conclusion that human intelligence might not be as valued from now on. I mean, this tool is


UI/UX: Vitality’s New Mobile App Designs

December 2022 saw many innovative UI / UX designs released, ranging from gaming apps to healthcare platforms. Today I will showcase impressive modern app UI / UX examples from user Vitaliy (@offdesignarea), which are a blend of intuitive design elements and enjoyable user experience. These examples demonstrate how UI /

anime game room setup

Gaming: HavokHarakiri Anime Gaming Rig

HavokHarakiri is a digital creator who builds amazing Anime and Japanese-themed Gaming Rigs, PC Setups & Game Rooms. He also creates crazy Mechanical Keyboards. Check him out. InstagramhavokharakiriJobPC Setups and Gaming room creatorThemeAnimeCyberpunk EdgerunnersInterstellar Wormhole by VisualdonOuttatime & Solar Cyberpunk City FlyingWind V5 and Wind v2Tatsumaki 4K Audio ReactiveLocationUSA

LinkedIn guide on cycle with content

LinkedIn India 101: A definitive guide to success

With over 675 million users, LinkedIn is easily the most popular professional social media platform in the world. I might go as far as saying that it is the most important social media right now. It is a platform that is expected to thrive in the coming years and as

why are you making wordpress website quote infront of laptop

Why are you making a wordpress website?

Before starting your website, it is important to ask why you are making it in the first place. I've seen many people who start out with great enthusiasm only to kick the bucket within a month. Their ideas are not necessarily bad but the execution is what left wanted. When

What is wordpress? is it free

What is a WordPress Website? Is it free?

A WordPress website, in its most basic form, is a platform where you can add content, manage it in all sort of ways, and present it to people online- a content Management system (CMS). It is plug-and-play in nature- with most features on the front and back-end being controlled by